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In a place that he did not see, Hu Xianbin and Min Jingchao exchanged a look, meaning that “everything will go according to plan”!

Soon, the voting officially began!

A constantly-changing bar chart appeared on the big screen. Everyone took out their cell phones, found the best employee selection channel, and cast their precious votes.

The bar chart changed rapidly. Several names stood out, and the number of votes kept increasing.

Among these names, there were some that rose very steadily, such as Hu Xianbin and Min Jingchao, who had maintained at the forefront.

However, there were also special ones such as Bao Xu.

The bar chart with Bao Xu’s name was often left far behind. Then, the number of votes would suddenly increase and catch up to a few places. In the end, it would stabilize in second place.

Everyone suppressed their smiles and tried hard not to laugh out loud seeing the change in the bar chart.

Look, Brother Bao was going on a holiday. This was the crowd’s call!

On the other hand, Bao Xu nearly had a cardiac arrest.

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Obviously, Bao Xu was getting tanner and tanner. Everyone in Tengda was not innocent!

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Finally, the increase in the bar chart slowed down. Hu Xianbin, Bao Xu, and Min Jingchao were in the first three places. There was not much difference between them. The votes might still be changing slowly but the positions were basically fixed.

Pei Qian could not help but feel emotional.

Sigh! Bao Xu, you can’t blame me for this. It looks like it’s the same whether I send that commendation letter or not. Everyone wants you to go on a holiday. I can’t save you.