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I single-mindedly kept swinging the sword many times more than anyone else, and much longer than anyone else.

Because my mother always said ーー 『Effort will surely bear fruit』.

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Mother raised me all on her own.

My father seems to have died of an epidemic when I was a baby. I heard that he was a sincere and honest person, but I don’t even remember his face thus I wasn’t attached to him. It seems that I got my sharp eyes from my mother and the pitch black hair from my father.

I don’t remember much from my childhood, but I remembered that my mother worked herself to the bone everyday for my sake.

The enrollment fee and tuition fee of the Gran Swordsmanship Academy I am attending now, are the wages my mom saved and managed carefully year after year.

So even if I was scorned as the 「Failed Swordsman」 at the academy, even when I was bullied by my classmates, even when I was treated as a burden by my teacher – I kept swinging my sword every day, no matter how painful.

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I will put in ten fold the amount of effort more than anyone and become a splendid swordsman.

And I will give an easy life to my mother who has struggled so far.

ーWith that in mind, I’ve been doing my best at the Swordsmanship Academy.

All that effort will be for naught come tomorrow.

The trigger was … today at dusk.