What part-time work is to make money online?

What part-time work is to make money online?

He could deal with anything—no matter how huge it was-during the next cycle!

Seeing how resolute Boss Pei was, Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce exchanged a knowing look and then nodded. “Alright, we’ll go with the split revenue option. We’re very confident in Tomorrow is Beautiful as well. We’ll probably earn more money if we go with this!”

Pei Qian sighed inwardly, feeling melancholic.

Today... was supposed to be a good day, because it was the last day of the film’s screening. Yet, what was happening now...?

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March 23rd, Wednesday... Thriller Hostel’s construction was in full swing.

Chen Kangtuo and Hao Qiong were there at the site. Apart from supervising the construction each day, they also gathered material from horror novels, videos, and films and brainstormed about how to make the various projects in Thriller Hostel better.

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They had various subordinates in charge of various work in the haunted house, but there weren’t many of them to begin with. When the haunted house was almost done, they planned to recruit a large group of employees to sell tickets, act, and maintain cleanliness.

However, all three projects of the haunted house would probably only be completed in at least three more months.

Just like before, Chen Kangtuo stared at the design diagram on his computer screen and seriously considered various details. All of a sudden, his cell phone vibrated. It was a message.

Chen Kangtuo jumped and then gestured for Hao Qiong to come over.

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“Quick, be prepared! Boss Pei is coming!”

Hao Qiong had been engrossed in something on his cell phone. It was the latest horror novel on Zhongdian Chinese Network, which had achieved pretty good results.