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As I was thinking about what to do about it, I saw the remaining 200 students discussing amongst themselves.

「No, no, no. Isn’t he a little too strong?」

「『First-Year Strongest』is not just for show. It’s the same for simple swordsmanship, but above all, our physical abilities are levels apart.」

「And far from running out of breath, he has not even moved a step from there… C-Could we still change over to the general exam?」

They were secretly talking amongst themselves in whispers, while repeatedly glancing at me.

They’re most likely sharing my weaknesses and movement tendencies.

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「Well then, the next one please.」

When I said that and encouraged the students, a female student stood in front of me.

「Exam number 2710, Lou Lorenti. Please go easy on me, Allen-senpai?」

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「Aa, don’t worry.」

After a short greeting, I assumed Seigan no Kamae, and she pulled out two swords with a short blade.

(Is that a short sword? Even so, it’s rare to see a double-sword user.)