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“I appreciate knowing the date of the meeting. It is best not to stay too long, even late at night. It's good to know what's going on. "

For better or for worse, Housen and Nanase will have to stay in the same freshman class

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D. I'll tell her to go before Housen finds out.

"Yes, I'll let you know if there is more important news."

"Oh no, thanks for that, but that's enough for this uninhabited island exam. If you see a freshman moving around, you don't have to come tell me, and you don't have to help me."


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"Nanase, you have given me enough information. Now you must do what you have to do as one of the group of Housen and Amasawa."

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If Nanase loses all credibility here, there will be no more information. I'm sure you can find something that works.

"If Ayanokouji senpai says so, I understand …"

I bowed my head deeply and decide to do so, and Nanase walks away into the dark. When I could no longer see her, I took out my tablet and thought for a while.

My drowsiness disappeared and I start looking at the screen. The details of first-year D- class are unknown, but Housen is a person who uses a type of power similar to Ryuuen's to control the class and act. However, the difference is that Housen tends to take the initiative to try to overcome obstacles.

In this situation, Housen has kept Nanase close to him since the beginning of school.