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Hao Qiong nodded with his ears pricked.

Chen Kangtuo said with slight agitation, “To put it bluntly, what we said just now was super scary effect plus low ticket prices. That would inevitably cause huge losses for the haunted house. It would definitely be a dead end.

“We must have definitely misinterpreted Boss Pei’s meaning.

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“I’m thinking... are we missing some key information? Boss Pei deliberately hid a key message which is probably a test to us. Boss Pei did not say that there should only be one project for the haunted house.”

Hao Qiong’s eyes grew big with realization.

Yes, these two sentences did not necessarily refer to the same project!

The initial investment of the haunted house was huge, and there would be additional investment in the future. Moreover, it was rather inconvenient to go anywhere in this old industrial zone. The only advantage was that there was a lot of land, and they could use the factory buildings as they liked. So, why did Boss Pei choose this site?

Obviously, he did not plan only to do one project from the start!

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Chen Kangtuo continued. “Suppose we open two, or even three large projects to meet the requirements of consumers? Make it a destination for the courageous without spending much means we have to find ways to earn money from the timid. “Let the timid watch on in fear without entering, means to satisfy the courageous with thrills and excitement.

“However, we mustn’t really scare the faint-hearted away. We have to make the courageous send our haunted house viral, have the timid watch on in fear, hesitate... until they finally transform into the courageous.

“That is Boss Pei’s final objective!”

Chen Kangtuo and Hao Qiong continued to analyze until Boss Pei’s goal gradually became clear.