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“Nomura, you took quite some time before raising your hand, don't tell me you were waiting for the right opportunity?”

“Eh! No, that…”

“Your eyes are darting around the room in an exaggerated way, and you’re sweating.”


Nomura’s personality was originally weak, and it seemed that he was so distressed that he was on the verge of fainting.

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Looking at him in such a state, Ryūen gave out a happy laugh before turning to Ishizaki to give out instructions.

“Ishizaki, these people are all ‘innocent’, give them their phones back.”

He was ordered. This was another shock. Ryūen did not look at the contents and had Ishizaki return all of the phones. None of the students outside of Ryūen could understand the reason behind these actions.

“Will you explain what’s going on?”

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“I’ll explain it later.”

Ryūen did not give Ibuki the answer she was hoping for. He ran his hand through his hair and picked up her cell phone.

“As for the rest of the cell phones let’s thoroughly investigate. We’ll start with Ibuki.”

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“……Whatever you say.”

(Intro End)

Ryūen finished going through the final phone, having confirmed the content of them all on his own.