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“What do you mean by different than the last year- Oh.”

Right, Keita belongs to the “Couples” class now, so I shut my mouth. Keita looks like he still isn’t used to mentioning that, so he got too embarrassed to say anything. A subtle silence flowed between us.

I secretly glanced at Keita’s face before thinking again.

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“…By the way…looking at the current situation, I feel like this is different than what I’ve expected…about Keita and Tendou-san’s relationship.”

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I thought Tendou-san accepted her role as girlfriend reluctantly out of sympathy, to let Keita escape the evil grasp of that she-devil Aguri.

However, when everyone gathered in my place to play that game of life, I feel like it’s something beyond that, and that’s a fact.

“Aguri-san is still there, after all. Keita could just be pretending…but it’s really natural for an act.”

At least from what I know, Keita Amano can never act that perfectly. I don’t know the perfect role model, Tendou-san, though.

“This plot…don’t tell me they grew closer to each other when they are pretending to be a couple…”

I never thought that such a cliché plot for a romantic comedy can exist in reality. Even though it’s just a show, I guess it’s not that weird for both to grow closer when the couple got more time to be with each other by going on dates.

…Yeah, there’s nothing wrong. Nothing strange’s happening…

“W-Weird, what’s going on? What’s wrong with this conclusion? The more I think about the interaction between Keita and Tendou-san, the more goosebumps I get in my chest for some reason. What is this…?”

When I’m trapped in a labyrinth of thoughts, Keita spoke again with a bitter smile on his face to try and lighten up the mood.

“Sigh, I still haven’t come up with a plan for our date, though.”