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I nodded slightly and saw her off, watching her trailing figure.

Thinking that it was almost time to meet up, I pulled out my phone again to confirm it.

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“What were you talking about with Ichinose-san just now?”

Suddenly, Haruka’s voice came from a little bit away.

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I looked over, and Akito, Keisei, and Airi had all arrived, looking over at me uniformly.

It looked like the other group members had already gotten together while I was talking to Ichinose.

“My perfect score in math.”

“No wonder. After all, the better you are at academics, the more they would be conscious about it.”

As soon as I explained it with a sensible reason, Keisei immediately looked like he understood.

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But there was something off about Haruka.

She didn’t ask further, and quickly returned to her usual expression.

Tomorrow, starting from the 2nd of May, we were about to welcome the arrival of the Golden Week.

The students had all passed their special exams without a hitch, so I’m sure we’ll all be leisurely enjoying the holiday carefreely.

That Golden Week ended in a flash, and we were back to our school lives.