So many WeChat make money online is true and false

So many WeChat make money online is true and false

When she took out the ball vigorously – my name was written on it.

「Ohhh What A Great Start! He came out in the very first match! Everyone knows Year 1 Class A Allen-Rodore! The Head of the mysterious group, the practice-swing club, and the shadow boss of the student council! In the Big Five Holy Festival, his opponent was beaten to a half-dead state, and during the new recruitment period, the Deputy Head of the Swordsmanship Club was defeated by underhanded means. And in the Club Budget War, he was the scoundrel who trifled with President Sie! To what extent will this man’s rapid advances continue?」

It’s not exactly wrong, but… it was a very malicious introduction.

Immediately after the live announcement was heard.

「Oh! So he’s the rumoured problem child. This is the first time I’m seeing him!」

「Hehe, what are you going to do this time?」

「I’m here to see you! Alleeeennn!」

Some of the seniors cheered me on.

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(This feeling… I wonder if what I’m feeling is happiness…)

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It was a bag of mixed feelings…

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「Now, as for Allen’s opponent – Year 1 Class B Raise-Volgan! There’s a rumor that Raise-Volgan, during his middle-school years, sent 10 students from another academy to the hospital! I wonder if there are any people who are familiar with the moniker『Raise the song-sword user』!」

When the commentator announced, Raise-san got up to the stage.

「Oh, that song-sword user!」