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On top of everything else that had happened, the blood from my hand had stained Hōsen’s clothes. There was no way he could talk his way out of this now.

Even if he took back the knife and stabbed himself in the thigh, it simply wasn’t possible for him to come out on top anymore.

Of course, even if he tried to do that, I’d just use my full strength to stop him.

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Chances were that Hōsen had already discerned that for himself as well.

The important part is what would happen next.

“Horikita, Sudō, and I can all promise to keep quiet about what happened tonight. How’s that?”

“What are you sayin’? You really gonna throw away your chance to get me kicked outta here?”

“In exchange for not doing that, I have two conditions.”


He probably knew the first without me even having to say it.

“The first is that you agree to form an equal, cooperative relationship between our two classes.”

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“Well it ain’t like I got much of a choice between that an’ expulsion. So what’s the second?”

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“I want you to partner up with me for this special exam.”