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After I saw Tendou-san like that…I finally made up my mind.

“She chose me. If I’m still using “I’m not confident in myself” as an excuse to flee, …that’s totally wrong!”

My heart is pounding, and I have trouble breathing. Even so, …I opened my eyes in the dark to make myself more determined.

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“Now’s the time! I…I’m going to confess my feelings to Tendou-san right now when we’re alone in the darkness! I’m going to use the most sincere way possible!”

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The two of us held our sweaty hands tightly.

Then, we slowly stepped to the dark maze.

Karen Tendou

“A-Amano-kun is getting nervous…”

When we started to explore the maze, around 3 minutes later. Our progress can’t be any slower. After all, …to be honest, Amano-kun is really slow.

“Even though he’s an apprehensive person, …and it’s quite stiff this time…”

The slim hand that feels like that of a girl is already full of sweat. The only thing I can see in the darkness is the blue light growing from his headphones, that light is leaving afterimages when he’s looking around.

Also, when I saw he’s freaked out like this, …even I’m starting to get nervous as well.

In the end, we can’t progress in the dark.