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realistic ways to save money

But why were you late?

That was the question everyone had on their mind.

But this time, she did not need to answer that question.

Just once glance towards her would tell you the reason behind her lateness.

Confusion. No, pure amazement.

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Because the Horikita I was looking at now was a lot different from the one I saw yesterday.

So that’s what happened.

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This was why right after she entered this school, the elder Horikita was able to immediately understand why she was unable to grow.

The elder Horikita stared blankly at the condition of Horikita.

I was the same.

I had fully understood on the day of her brother’s farewell, Horikita came here, fully aware of her lateness.

The elder Horikita could never find fault with having such a sister.

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“You’ve changed.”