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I listened carefully, trying to grasp the situation from a faint voice I was hearing.

“Luck? What have you seen until now? I’ve figured out there’s a cave here since before landing. It was inevitable to find it. Be wary of words and deeds. We don’t know if someone’s eavesdropping on us somewhere. I have a responsibility as a leader. Let’s keep in mind not to do even a slightest mistake.“

“… S, sorry. But what does it mean since before landing…?”

“For some reason, before the ship was attached to the pier it went around the island’s outer circumference to make a detour. It was probably an act of the school to give students some hints on where to proceed because I’ve already seen the road that opened to the forest from the deck of the ship. All they had to do later is to go forward the shortest route from the landing pier to the road.”

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“So, rather than just an ordinary sightseeing, isn’t there a possibility that was a forethought to enjoy the scenery?“

“The turn was too far for a sightseeing. Besides, the content of the announcement was strange.”

“I could not feel it at all but… Katsuragi-san has seen through the school’s intentions. Because of that he realized there is a cave here… As expected!”

“Let’s move to the next one, Yahiko. It’s useless to stay longer since the spot has been seized. There was a road seen from the ship from two more places. Before that, there must be something like a facility.”

“Y-yes! But if you leave the result like this, Sakayanagi has no choice but to be silent!“

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“When you turn your eyes on the inside, be careful or you’ll trip.”

“That’s right, but shouldn’t we be cautious of B class? Isn’t D class an assembly of defectives? Even if we think about the point difference, we can ignore it.”

There was a similar story on the ship as well thatD class was out of consideration to A class. We were treated like a stone dropped on the corner of the roadside.

“Enough with the chit-chat. Let’s go Yahiko.”

I waited until I couldn’t hear the voices and footsteps of the two. Then I waited two minutes more for caution’s sake.

“They left…”

I took a quick look to check, but I couldn’t see the two from a little while ago. I noticed that the weight of the warmth on my hands had become heavier as I’d caught my breath. I kept suppressing it after I’d embraced it in a hurry.