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“I’m okay. I’m just reading the online news, yes. W-What about you, Keita?”

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“M-Me? Uh, …it’s nothing, should be the same as you. There’s nothing to worry about.”



Our conversation ended, just like that…I let out a faint sigh as I stared at the screen once again.

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(This…I can get this if I take a short walk from here…)

That’s a coupon for challenging the multiplayer battles in the past again. The multiplayer battles are mostly missions that require you to “cooperate with other players” and slay the enemies. You’ll get all kinds of rewards after defeating the boss. Basically, once the activity is over, you can’t challenge it anymore.

However, the special item that allows you to participate in the battle once again is right there.

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I can’t help but cross my arms as I sighed.

(I really want this. But, …it’s really far and the bus is arriving soon…)

I remember that if I miss this, I’ll have to wait for an hour for the next one. Honestly, that’s really exhausting.

(Moreover, even if we won this multiplayer battle, the rewards are a bit too shabby.)

From a pure gamer’s perspective, this boss isn’t really worth it, at least I’m definitely not going to wait an hour for another bus just to get the reward. However…