Zhao Liying's endorsement of the name of the money

Zhao Liying's endorsement of the name of the money

“From student council president Nagumo. When I brought our situation up with him, he told me he’d be willing to supply the rest.”

“The student council president? Can he even come up with that many points?”

“Yes. In fact, he even showed me how many he has.”

Though, there was no way to be certain until Ichinose actually received them.

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“Of course, we’ll have to pay him back afterward.”

“What are the details of the repayment plan? Does the president plan on charging us interest?”

“Would the answer to those questions affect what we have to do?”

“No, not at all. Even if the interest rate is unreasonably high, I don’t think anything can replace one of our comrades.”

Kanzaki agreed with Ichinose without batting an eye.

However, he judged that it was still important to understand the details of the transaction first.

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He took it upon himself to ask the questions the rest of the class wouldn’t, and Ichinose was incredibly thankful for that.

To her, he was a cherished partner who spoke up on behalf of the class’s feelings.

“Our repayment period is three months, and there’s no interest.”