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“Perhaps what Boss Pei is trying to say is that we should try something funny? We should not mock other teams.”

“That’s impossible. What Boss Pei wants is popularity and traffic. If we don’t form teams against the other teams, how can we have popularity and traffic? Boss Pei is basically telling us to attack without any worries.”

“We will definitely be criticized. The team members will be under a lot of pressure.”

“It’s alright. The team members can’t play with their phones or surf the net. They won’t know.”

“But what’s the point of doing this? The risks and rewards we take are not proportional.”

If it was someone else’s suggestion, everyone would have rejected it without even thinking. Was he afraid that he would not die quick enough before the battle?

There was no need!

However, since it was Boss Pei’s request, they had to think of a way to fulfill it.

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Everyone discussed for a long time but could not come to a conclusion. They could only follow his instructions.

It was a good thing that there were many people in the accompanying team. They could go online and search for interesting memes. Then, they could express themselves freely. They could find suitable pictures or videos, and they could quickly find materials to start an attack on Weibo.

The three photographers could photoshop pictures and edit videos, and translate them into bilingual subtitles for the performance.

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The discussion about the opening day of the IOI International Finals continued throughout the day.

That was because many people did not stay up late to watch IOI’s global finals. They only knew about the results of yesterday’s competition when they woke up. Many GOG players participated in the discussion when they saw that both domestic teams had lost.

The true strength of the domestic teams was obviously the focus of everyone’s discussion.

Both teams had lost their first battle in the group stages. The risk of qualifying had suddenly increased. Naturally, everyone would feel that the overall standard of domestic teams in IOI was much worse than foreign teams.

The world finals had just begun. Many viewers seemed to have already seen its tragic ending.