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After all, there’s one thing I have to do today.

I’m here to give her, Konoha Hoshinomori-

-A brutal rejection.

It’s already spring break soon. I only got to hang out with Konoha-san a week after White Day, which is today.

I fulfilled my promise by coming to the student council room. However, just like what you can see, I still don’t have the chance to talk about that. In other words, the answer to her confession.

Moreover, I was dragged into Konoha-san’s search for the slumbering hentai game in this student council room. It’s not even certain whether it really exists.


I invested my search effort in silence as I observed Konoha-san in secret. It looked like she’s glancing at me too. Our eyes met each other. I felt that this was a good chance and prepared to talk about the White Day present. However, as if she was on purpose, Konoha-san looked away and spoke in a high-pitched voice.

“Ah, I’ll look into the files on the shelf too.”

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“Eh? Uh, sure.”

Konoha-san stood up before even finishing her sentence. She turned around and started checking. I stared at her beautiful figure. …It looks like my suspicions are confirmed. I’m not overthinking it.

Recently, she’s clearly avoiding my answer.

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Come to think of it, this went all for the entire week. Of course, I wasn’t aware of it on White Day. I just felt that she’s considerate to not ask for this on White Day. That’s why I appreciated her.

However, after the second day, no matter how many times I asked her, she kept saying that she’s busy. This is already far out of the limit of being considerate. She’s avoiding me on purpose.

However, from my perspective, I don’t want to drag this on. The present for White Day and the important answer are both on the line. That’s why I kept the pressure on despite my inability to communicate with people.

Today, Konoha-san finally surrendered and promised to meet me in the student council room. Also, I can’t help but do a V-pose after the promise was made. Tendou-san saw that and cried out.

“Hey, hey, hey! Showing your brightest smile when you chase after another girl’s tail in front of your girl, is that what you should do!? Amano-kun!?”

She said that with teary eyes. It took a long time for me to convince her too. …Ahem, anyway, let’s put this aside for now.

Anyway, I finally acquired the chance. I’ll definitely hand her the present in my school bag and the answer today. However, the person in question…