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The snack market was about to become even more popular!

What shocked Bao Xu was that the evening news interview was done. Zhang Yahui, just say what you have to say. Why did you mention me!

Both of them took out their cell phones at the same time to catch up on the news on Jingzhou TV.

Li Shi ate a little and was a little confused.

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Pei Qian’s hand trembled slightly as he held his cell phone. He did not know if it was because this G1 phone was too heavy.

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“In recent years, as Jingzhou’s economy developed rapidly, tourism became an important industry in Jingzhou.

“As the saying goes, food is the most important to the people. It’s always difficult for people to resist the temptation of snacks. Every holiday, people would like to fulfill their obligations to ease their mood and pressure. No matter which city they go to, they would go to the local food street to taste the local delicacies.”

“Recently, a new snack market has appeared in Jingzhou’s old industrial zone. Its style is very different from traditional snack streets. What are they not using? Let me bring everyone to take a look!”

After a brief introduction, the scene of the snack market appeared in the news and the interview with Zhang Yahui.

Zhang Yahui spoke confidently, talking about his bitter experience from a small vendor to the person-in-charge of the snack market, especially the last argument about the humanities of the snack market. It was simply enlightening.

“The person-in-charge of the snack market, Zhang Yahui, said that the snack market is to preserve and display the outstanding snack culture. It is to implement the right rules and guidance for the local snacks so that they can successfully survive, develop, and grow. Finally, they will integrate into people’s lives, so that this smoke and fire can continue to burn in the big city that is becoming colder and colder!”

“You might as well visit the snack market when you’re free. I believe that the unique environment here, interesting interactive mechanisms, cheap and delicious snacks will definitely make you experience different delicacies!”

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Apart from that, Pei Qian also noticed something else.

During the interview, Zhang Yahui emphasized that the design of the snack market this time was based on an enthusiastic friend of the games department. Even though he did not specify his name, anyone who knew a little inside information could guess that this person was actually Bao Xu.

Pei Qian looked up after watching the news.