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“Alright, you’re hired!”

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Pei Qian decided on the spot. Failing at everything he did, wasn’t that the quality Pei Qian was looking for in his workers?

You should change your surname to Huang, just like Huang?Sibo1!

Ma Yiqun was stunned. He did not expect Pei Qian to hire him so decisively! Was he really appreciative of Ma Yiqun’s talents?

Huang Sibo said that Boss Pei had a very keen eye; he was good at spotting people’s special abilities just by looking at their external appearance.

“Sometimes, you would not even know you had the special abilities that Boss Pei saw in you!”

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From the looks of it, this was exactly what was happening now!

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Pei Qian stood up and said, “Hurry up and resign from the other company. Then, come back and look for Assistant Xin to sign the contract. In terms of salary, I will pay you five thousand yuan per month. There will also be opportunities for a pay raise.”

Pei Qian saw Ma Yiqun out, feeling satisfied with himself. Ma Yiqun was quite talented, and he did not quite meet Pei Qian’s requirements for recruitment. However, three times in a row, the books he wrote failed to get popular. This was no ordinary feat!

He must be destined for great things!

Pei Qian needed people like that now!

There was no other choice. Too many weird things have been happening to him; Pei Qian was starting to believe in metaphysics. Pei Qian was even beginning to suspect that his luck was too good.

There was a saying that was popular in the industry. If someone was lucky to a certain extent, it would no longer be called ‘luck’, but ‘destiny’!

Luck could only determine success or failure temporarily. That was different from destiny. Destiny was like a halo, bringing good luck to the person continuously!

Thus, Pei Qian believed that he had to recruit someone like Ma Yiqun in order to neutralize his good luck.

Otherwise, if everything he did become profitable, wouldn’t he soon vomit blood? Although this was extremely superstitious, unscientific, and unreliable; there was no harm in testing this theory out.

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