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“No, no, that might end up backfiring...”

Pei Qian knew full well that Lin Wan was a proud person. If he transferred her to GOG now, she would not think that she was winning while lying down. Instead, she would think that Boss Pei was telling her to ‘watch and learn’.

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Then, she would not leave for sure!

Pei Qian pondered hard, but it seemed like the more he wanted to win, the slimmer his chances became.

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Actually, other people aside, he had not played IOI before either because the heroes and game mechanisms were completely different from LOL. He had been too lazy to learn...

On the other hand, GOG seemed more familiar.

Pei Qian was as good as other ordinary gamers. At most, he was only a bit better than Ma Yang, the slacker. Of course, GOG suited him better, given its simpler operations and its availability on cell phones.

“No, I cannot give up so easily... “How else can I fight? I can’t possibly change the game’s mechanism. What’s more, IOI’s quick to update its content, and it has already partnered with internet cafes for publicity...

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“It seems that the only difference between IOI and GOG is esports. “That means I have to work on that. I don’t believe that I can’t give IOI more funds to make up for its shortcomings in esports.

“If I still lose this time, I’ll... I’ll let IOI crash and burn...”

Pei Qian sighed inwardly. He had no idea how things deteriorated to this stage. He had meant for GOG to lose money while doing nothing. Now, a few months had already passed, but nothing was going according to the way he had planned.

As Pei Qian quietly walked out of Xing Le Internet Cafe, he felt terribly alone. Just as he walked through Xing Le Internet Cafe’s exit, Li Shi walked by.

“Eh? Isn’t that Boss Pei? That’s strange... am I seeing things? What’s Boss Pei doing at Xing Le Internet Cafe?”

At first, Li Shi had intended to call out to Boss Pei. However, on second thought, he changed his mind. Instead, he walked into Xing Le Internet Cafe and asked the cashier, “Did that young man surf the net here?”

The cashier quickly stood up and said, “Hello, Boss Li. That young man just walked around the internet cafe and... asked me a couple of questions.”

Boss Li was not the boss of Xing Le Internet Cafe, but as an investor, he had more authority than the boss.

At once, Li Shi’s expression became serious. “What did he ask? Quickly, tell me. Think carefully, and make sure that you don’t leave out a single word!”