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“Fantasy Battle Remake’ has been released, yet we are promoting ‘Domestically-Produced Games Compilation’. I feel very disappointed. However, I felt better after watching this video. While Domestically-produced standalone games cannot be compared to foreign games, there are still people working hard!”

“Teacher Qiao is right. In the past, we scolded ‘Mission and Choice’ because there wasn’t really a single good game in the domestically-produced standalone game. Now, everyone can look at it in a teasing manner. It’s not because we are tolerant, but because the environment of domestically-produced standalone games has improved. We also have a batch of good games that belong to us. Thus, we can naturally laugh off the shame of the past.”

“I just went to watch an interview. It was really well done.”

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“That’s right. I didn’t expect the developer of Black Ink and Clouds, Wu Zhicheng, to have such a tough life. If it weren’t for the ‘Destitution Plan’, the release of Black Ink and Clouds would probably have been delayed by another ten years... and it would definitely not have been able to achieve the current quality.”

“Boss Qiu’s thought process is very moving. He entered the industry with his dreams and lost himself in games with paywalls. He returned to it after going around in circles. Isn’t it a blessing to be able to fulfill his dreams in his middle age?”

“I just don’t know who this mysterious investor is. He seems to be someone with a big structure and magnanimity.”

“I’ve decided. In the future, as long as the quality of the games produced by the ‘Destitution Plan’ is good, I’ll definitely support it!”

Pei Qian’s mood worsened after reading the comments section.

Even though no one had guessed that the “mysterious investor” was him, the fame of the “Destitution Plan” and “Black Ink and Clouds” had increased again!

Not only that, not many people had paid attention to the old game ‘Mission and Choice’. It has become the focus of discussion for gamers because of Qiao Liang’s video now.

This was not good for the upcoming release of Mission and Choice!

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Pei Qian adjusted Qiao Liang’s ranking in his notebook as he paced around the office anxiously.

Qiao Liang’s prediction had increased the risk of failure for Pei Qian’s perfect plan.

What should he do?

Pei Qian walked around the office twice and decided to give Meng Chang a call.

He had to take precautions.

The key problem now was not how to expand the results but how to stop losses in advance.