money goal

money goal

And Idol changed her hand in the middle of their hands being shaken down – if we disregard ethics, then by rules it was her victory.

「Te, Teme Idol… That’s cheating!」

「Fufu, only the results matter.」

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「Guh…」Sid-san complained, but he seemed to be convinced for the time being.

「Well, uh… Let’s decide the rules before we start the swordsmanship match!」I said cheerfully, to change the stiff atmosphere.「First of all, the use of soul dress is prohibited. Attacks that cause serious injury to the other party are also prohibited. The victory conditions are… How about pushing your opponent off this stone stage?」

I proposed simple rules that borrowed from the rules of such as the Sword Festival, Big Five Festival, and Sword King Festival.

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「I have no objection… Come on, let’s do it now!」

She unsheathed both swords impatiently, assuming a unique stance.

Her right leg was half a step forward, and the left foot was half a step behind.

The right hand maintained a slightly higher position, and the left hand was pulled back – a Two-Sword Style.

(Slashing with the right hand, while thrusting with the left hand. As usual, it’s a super-aggressive stance…)

While raising my guard, I unsheathed my sword and assumed Seigan no Kamae.

「Here I come… Allen!」

「Aa… Come!」

The moment our gazes crossed, Idol broke into a run straight towards me.

「Thunder Style – Heavy Thunder!」

Both swords cut through the air at lightning speed, and ten slashes were fired.

I could see each of them – very calmly.

(It’s exactly as I thought…)