What does it mean to make money on a mobile phone?

What does it mean to make money on a mobile phone?

No, don't 'Hehehe' me........!

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The 25th of December. It's the 1 day that's most precious for men and women alike throughout the entire year. That Kiyotaka, giving the ok for a date on that 25th, what the hell is he thinking?

Normally it's supposed to be the time lovers spend together to further deepen their relationships, and a day to confirm their love. It's not suited towards starting a relationship. It's not normal to use such a day for a date. Should have gently declined and moved the date to the 26th.

If this were reversed, there's no mistaking that he would've incurred a considerable amount of displeasure.

A boy who just wants to do lewd things, such a label should be stuck on him. I interjected fiercely like that inside my thoughts.

".......what's wrong, Karuizawa-san?".

"No, nothing. Don't worry about it".

Why am I getting hot all on my own. For someone unrelated like me, no matter what day the 2 of them decide to have their date on, it's irrelevant. The concerned parties are free to decide. I should understand that. Ah mou, ever since a while ago, what's the matter with me?

I became violently angry, towards my own thoughts. I gave those mistaken thoughts a double slap in the face and forcibly sealed them away.

"The 25th huh........well I guess it's still better than the Eve tomorrow".

The movie theater, too, seems as though it would be overwhelmingly packed more so on the Eve. They're probably going to spend the whole day together after watching the movie.

Even though a lot of couples make use of it, looking at it in terms of the whole school, only 10%!t(MISSING)o 20%!w(MISSING)ould be couples. As long as one doesn't care about the time and the positioning of their seats, it's possible for them to go as many rounds as they want.

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"About the movie, you watch it from 11:50 and it'll end around 13:30. So before 2 o'clock you have your meals and around 3 o'clock you leave the shop. After that, you adjust the time yourself and after 4 o'clock you confess. Something like that?".

The result of roughly adjusting the time, this is probably for the best.

Satou-san, too, doesn't seem to have any objections and she nodded satisfactorily.

"After that, I think it's also better if you reserve your lunch. You probably want to take the seats near the windows, right?".

Discounting lunch time, without a problem it can be done.

"And also, if you reserve your orders ahead of time, they also make you things that are not on the menu".

"So that's how it is, I didn't know about that.......as expected of Karuizawa-san".