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At that, Nanase shifted her gaze away from Hōsen and locked eyes with Horikita for the first time.

Protection points. The very thing that I had mentioned at the end of our conversation in the library on Friday.

Although Horikita was slightly surprised to hear Nanase talk about them, she immediately grasped what Nanase was going for and nodded along in agreement.

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“Nanase-san is correct. They are a special type of point that can waive one single instance of an expulsion penalty.”

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From the look on Hōsen’s face, there was no doubt that this was also the first time he had heard of them.

“It’s understandable that you’ve never heard of them before, given that you only just enrolled here. That’s why you should keep them in mind. If there happens to be some sort of similar exam to this one in the future, if the person you partner with is in possession of a protection point, then… well, depending on the situation, you might end up being forcibly expelled all by yourself.”

If you’re one to make enemies with others, the more you make, the more likely you are to receive the shorter end of the stick.

It follows that, the more someone hated Hōsen, the more likely they’d be to use whatever means necessary to get him expelled.

“That’s why it’s important to start building up trust with others, wouldn’t you agree?”

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“I see. So you two retards had a few stupid tricks up your sleeves to try’n deal with me, eh?”

“I am a first-year student, so naturally my top priority is Class 1-D. Plus, Hōsen-kun, I believe that you’re vital for the wellbeing of our class, so I don’t want you to make the mistake of being shortsighted.”

Horikita had put in the effort to understand Hōsen before turning her focus over to Nanase.

She had managed to get Nanase to cooperate with her, and together, they delivered the final blow.

The tides had started to turn ever so slightly.

All that remained was to wait and see if Hōsen would accept our proposal once he fully understood everything.

To see if he’d still ask for some sort of compensation, resolved to face the disadvantages that would come later.

“I get that the two of ya went through the trouble of comin’ up with all this, but─ I ain’t gonna cooperate on equal footing.”