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It’s easy to play the role of a fool, however, I can easily imagine what Nagumo will think if I showed I’m aware of the stares. It would not be surprising if he was enjoying seeing me as the target of this attention.

At any rate, the best thing to do for now was pretend I don’t know what they are all looking at.

I looked around the pool, wondering who else was here besides the third year students, and saw Ichinose with some of her classmates. It just so happened that Ichinose was the first one to notice my presence, and our eyes met.

Her shoulders jerked once and she quickly hid behind her classmates, looking for an escape. Seeing the sudden strange movement, her classmates were asking what was wrong with her.

It’s just after Ichinose confessed her love to me on the uninhabited island after all.

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It’s no wonder that just looking at each other from this distance might make things awkward.

It’s one thing if it was just Ichinose, but her classmates are also there, so I’ll keep my distance for now.

Even if I leave it alone, I’ve already made an appointment to see her the evening after tomorrow.

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I saw a few classmates here and there, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any students who were particularly close to me.

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“Things have started to get serious, Ayanokouji.”

When I turned diagonally in front of me, in the direction of the voice that had called out, I found Kiryuuin resting on a beach chair on the deck.

“What are you referring to?”

“The third years. It’s not like you haven’t noticed, right?”

“I don’t really understand.”

I tried to play it off, but Kiryuui didn’t even snicker, and just kept going nonchalantly.

“Even though I’m not involved, I’m still a third year student. The information has already reached my ears.”

“By any chance are you referring to the gaze that is currently being focused on me?”

“You’re well aware of what I’m talking about.”