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「Yes. Goodnight, Allen.」

I go to sleep in a warm bed with Ria.

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Almost all my time was poured towards “swordsmanship”, and the rigorous but fulfilling days lasted for about two weeks.

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After that, I managed to overcome the fierce White Day, which can only be expressed as “tumultuous”… and it was finally March 15th.

The student council’s “Spring Camp” will be held for exactly one week from today.

The time is seven o’clock in the morning.

Ria and I met up with Rose in front of the main gate of Thousand Blade Academy.

「Good morning, Rose. The weather is nice today.」

「Morning, Rose. I am glad you were able to get up early in the morning.」

「Fuwaa………… Morning.」

She, who is especially weak in the morning, stretched her left hand slightly while yawning.

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「A-Ahaha, you look sleepy.」

「You got up two hours earlier than on normal school days, so it’s no wonder…」