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Pei Qian was thinking over the kind of work he should give Tang Yishu as he walked. Theoretically speaking, he was bringing her back to the office as a mascot. However, he couldn’t possibly just let her sit in the office every day without any work, right?

What kind of work should he give her?

Pei Qian staggered suddenly as he contemplated and nearly fell. Tang Yishu reacted fast. She grabbed Pei Qian immediately and prevented him from suffering the ill fortune of falling down.

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Pei Qian was a little surprised. “Thank you.”

Tang Yishu blushed. “No need to thank you. I-I’m used to it. I’m sorry, Senior.”

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Pei Qian lowered his head and found that his shoelace had come loose without him knowing. He almost fell because his left foot stepped onto his right shoelace just now. Pei Qian could not help but fall into silence. Could there really be such metaphysics in this world? Was there really a naturally unlucky being that could spread her unluckiness to her surroundings? Tang Yishu supported Pei Qian and waited for him to stand firm before she stood silently to the side. She kept more than one meter away from Pei Qian, probably because she was afraid Pei Qian would be affected by her again.

Pei Qian was not angry at all. Instead, he was elated.

“Come, come, come, follow me.”

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They walked towards the university’s west gate. There were many small shops after the west gate. One of them sold lottery scratchcards for twenty yuan per piece. It could be used to scratch for many prizes.

Pei Qian brought Tang Yishu to his small shop. He fished out 200 yuan without a second thought. “Boss, give me 10 pieces.”

Pei Qian looked at Tang Yishu, who was standing outside the shop, after getting the lottery scratchcards. He fell into a brief period of consideration.

Pei Qian decided not to hand these lottery scratchcards to Tang Yishu. He would scratch them himself.

There had to be a control case even in good or bad luck.