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Now, however, Guo Licheng did not feel a hint of that exhaustion anymore!

Deposit Fitness’ business model did not result in customers being completely neglected. Instead, it was more flexible.

When newbies entered the gym, trainers could help to correct their form. However, once the newbies adjusted, the trainers would not be required to stand around, doing nothing.

That way, trainers would have additional time to guide others, train themselves, or rest. At the same time, trainers did not have to think about making sales. Thus, their relationships with the students were no longer transactional. Trainers stopped guiding the customers as a burden, and customers stopped feeling defensive towards trainers trying to make sales. Interactions between both parties became much more comfortable.

On top of that, Fish-Catching Take-Out was providing fitness meals, and Deposit Fitness did not allow trainers to work overtime. All trainers had adequate rest, and they were no longer suffering at work. Now, they could enjoy the joy that fitness brought to them during working hours.

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Thus, Guo Licheng and the other trainers were feeling extremely energetic and motivated.

After working out—when they had nothing else to do, they would think about how to provide better service to the customers or passionately guide the newbies.

Of course, at that moment, Pei Qian could not tell that all of that had been happening. He could only sense that Guo Licheng was looking healthier, both physically and mentally

Now, Pei Qian was only concerned about the profits that the gym was generating.

“Why are there so many people in the gym? Didn’t I tell you not to rope customers in? Where did they come from? They couldn’t have walked into this place on their own, right?” Pei Qian looked very cautious.

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Confused, Guo Licheng explained, “Boss Pei, we really didn’t do anything. They really walked in on their own.

“Didn’t you expect this?”

Now, Pei Qian looked confused.

Guo Licheng continued speaking. “It’s mainly because of the sign that you told us to set up!”

“What did the sign do?” An ominous feeling overwhelmed Pei Qian. Excitedly, Guo Licheng answered, “Your sign made us look very proper!