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Tang Yishu lowered her head and said, “It’s alright. Perhaps… my physique is special…”

Yan Qi could not help but laugh. “Manager Tang, you’re too humorous. What has this got to do with your physique?”

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“You’re still trying to comfort me at a time like this. It makes me even more ashamed.”

“All in all, I’m very sorry! I’ll go back and ask them to edit it!”

Yan Qi apologized again and left with his cell phone.

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Yan Qi still could not figure out what was going on after walking out of the Dawn Games platform building.

“Does that mean that my first game is a stable one?”

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“I didn’t do anything wrong with the development and testing?”

“However… I really can’t make a comeback!”

Yan Qi found a step out of the office building and sat down. Then, he took out his cell phone and created a new account. He played it again.

Half an hour had passed.

“Strange, there are no bugs!”