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What’s more, it was relatively close to Tengda’s headquarters. Xiao Peng often participated in the activities in these two Internet cafes. The chances of meeting Boss Pei were greater; that was very important.

Xiao Peng was now very satisfied with the completed Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0. “I should find someone to take a look to give me some feedback. Who should I get...?

“Boss Pei?

“No, it is a little too abrupt, not to mention that Boss Pei is always very busy and may not have time. I’ll get Boss Zhang to take a look.” Xiao Peng felt that Zhang Yuan seemed to be the most suitable candidate because Zhang Yuan was the person in charge of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe previously. He was still passionate about the internet cafe and was rather knowledgeable. He would be able to give him some evaluation and feasible suggestions. He was now in charge of the DGE Esports Club which should not be too busy. He should have some time to spare.

Xiao Peng gave Zhang Yuan a call, and as expected, Zhang Yuan agreed immediately. He would be there in a short while, coming from Ming Yun Villas.

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Xiao Peng sat down decisively and started one round of GOG.

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Zhang Yuan came to the place according to the positioning sent by Xiao Peng. He came to the fourth floor of the shopping mall and found the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe that had just been renovated.

Zhang Yuan was attracted by the signage of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe from afar.

A small line ‘live museum for esports’ was below ‘Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’!

This time, not only was the interior of the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe renovated, but the exterior of the shop was done up as well. It created a cool gaming style that gamers liked. The deep black and various colorful outlines a youthful temperament. The outer wall had even been transformed into a huge display screen.

The interior was basically decorated into an esports theme. The use of painted glass, mirror floor tiles and mirror stainless steel, principles of light reflection, and refraction and diffusion of reflection were used to create a sense of future and technology.

The seat spacing was even sparser than in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 2.0, but it had very clear divisions.