How to make money MAI fruit online

How to make money MAI fruit online

Pei Qian sniggered. “Of course. I have no doubt about your capabilities...”

The fresh blood flowing out from the wounds on my back is the best evidence...

“Alright, I have work to do. I’ll make a move first. Take care of Brother Guangjian for me, all of you.”

Pei Qian said this as he looked at Lin Wan, Chen Kangtuo, and the others. “I’ll arrange for a gathering at Ming Yun Private Kitchen tomorrow. Remember to bring Brother Guangjian along. We’ll ask the restaurant to set up more tables to welcome them.”

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Although he did not like Ruan Guangjian that much, Pei Qian still invited him along. After all, an additional person was an additional mouth to feed, and each additional dish would cost Pei Qian more money.

How could Pei Qian afford to be petty when he was trying to spend as much money as possible?

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Boss Pei was a magnanimous person after all.

After he had finished giving instructions, Pei Qian said goodbye to the group and left. He did not even have to think to know what they were going to discuss.

Of course, they were going to talk about how successful GOG and Be Quiet were. Even the shared phone booths that Ruan Guangjian had personally designed had become sacred spending grounds for all of Jingzhou...

If Pei Qian did not leave then, he would surely be kicked while he was already down.

Ruan Guangjian could not help but feel disappointed as he watched Boss Pei’s back view. He had been looking forward to enjoying a drink with Boss Pei, so that they could catch up.

Yet, Boss Pei had left in such a hurry. Lin Wan felt sorry, too. However, she still gestured for everyone to sit in the coffee area. They each ordered a coffee or a soft drink and then began to catch up with one another.

At that moment, Lin Wan’s cell phone vibrated. It was a message from Assistant Xin. She quickly opened it and saw a document written by Boss Pei himself. It contained a series of requirements for her work in the future.