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"Bravo, Ishikura-senpai. You really grasped the situation well".

Nagumo, who had been silently watching this scene play out without joining the conversation, now happily started speaking.

"You're wasted on Class B. In the first place, Ishikura-senpai isn't really lucky".

"Isn't lucky, you say? I don't want to admit it but it's just that I wasn't good enough".

"I don't think that's the case. Senpai, the only reason you weren't able to climb your way up to Class A is because there's a genius like Horikita Manabu there. I'm aware you've put up a good fight throughout these 3 years. The class point difference between Class A and Class B is 312. Graduation isn't that far off but I think you're closing in on them".

"Then are you saying you're going to lead this group to victory?".

"Yep. If Ishikura-senpai's willing to entrust me with everything then we'll beat this special exam. And that's just a trifle because I'll help you climb your way up to Class A. We may even be able to get Horikita-senpai expelled from this school, you know?".

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"Too bad, Nagumo. Horikita isn't the leader this time. You're the same too though, of course. There's no way to pin something on him that's good enough to get him dragged down either".

"It doesn't matter whether he's the leader or not. It also doesn't matter if he can be dragged down or not. There are many ways to crush him".

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Nagumo said so and laughed.

"Sorry but I can't trust you. Not to the extent that I'd entrust you with Class B's fate".

"That's unfortunate".

Nagumo spoke all that in front of everyone in the group. Innocent defenselessness. Or perhaps he's deliberately making himself seem defenseless? There's no way it's going to be the former.

During dinner, I decided to act. I say 'act' but all I'm doing here is trying to work out the situation on the girls' side. Because the fact that Ichinose and Shiina are in the same group caught my attention. It would be best if I can work out what's going on with the other groups. As for Kei, she's having dinner in the same spot as the previous days to make it easier for me to approach her.

Even though I ordered no such thing. How reliable of her. On the other hand, I had been randomly picking empty seats and didn't tie myself down to one location for meals.

That's because I chose to avoid making open contact with Kei, just in case. There aren't many students who are aware of the relationship between me, Ryuuen plus a few other Class D students, vice president Kiriyama and Kei.

Besides, there's also an enemy within I need to watch out for. I checked the time and took a seat near Kei. And as I began thinking of a way to make her aware of my presence---

Kei greeted me with a squeak? I was greeted by something along the lines of that. Looks like Kei noticed me coming over, despite the fact that she had been chatting with her friends. If so, I should just patiently wait until she's rid herself of the nuisance.