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“Even though I’m not involved, I’m still a third year student. The information has already reached my ears.”

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“By any chance are you referring to the gaze that is currently being focused on me?”

“You’re well aware of what I’m talking about.”

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“It’s not a big problem. I’m being watched, that is all.”

“That is all, huh.”

Even though I mentioned that I didn’t care, Kiryuuin didn’t seem to think that was the case.

“It looks like quite the frightening strategy to me. I’m sure it’s especially troublesome for someone with your personality.”

While chilling, Kiryuuin’s point is not wrong.

“As expected of the student council president. He’s played a bizarre, yet effective card against this flawless person in front of me.”

“Flawless? I think you are overestimating me.”

“Don’t be modest. We’re friends that have been through the line of fire together, so I know that your abilities are limitless, right?”

The gaze lurking beneath the sunglasses pierced me sharply.

Even if I were to deny it, there were many students around, so I would have to be careful so as not to be overheard.

Of course, Kiryuuin would have taken the surrounding environment into consideration.

“I understand, I’ll admit it for now.”

“Fufu, that’s fine. Now back to the topic at hand, did something happen with Nagumo during the final stages of the test? No orders were issued to the third years before the end of the uninhabited island exam.”