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Basically, Aguri-san and I can swear to god that our lips didn’t touch.

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That’s true. However, …for example, if my explanation to Tendou-san is slightly different than Aguri-san to Uehara-kun’s, what would the two of them think? Will they be even more confused?

To avoid that kind of absurd tragedy (and it’s entirely possible to happen for us), Aguri-san and I must share the same acknowledgment. Then we’ll use it as a weapon against each of our partners…We both knew that in our hearts.

While we knew that…

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During this time, we accidentally made eye contact again, so we looked down…From the others, perhaps we look like a pair of fresh new couples.

However, our hearts are filled with…nothing aside from bitterness, not to mention sweet and sour.

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“…Even so, …this silence has to end…”

I sighed and made up my mind to face the issue head-on

“Yes. Aguri-san was the one that leads the discussion usually. In times like this, the least I can do is…!”

To cheer myself up, I randomly grabbed the glass of oolong tea on the table and chugged it down at once. Then, I finally spoke up the first sentence-

“A-Amanocchi. That’s…my cup of oolong tea…”


-I messed it up completely when I was about to say something. I banged my head onto the table a couple times as I mumbled with tears in my eyes.

“D-D-D-Don’t tell me I-I-I just indirectly kissed you i-in a situation like this…!”

I want to die. This way of screwing up things kind of fits my style. I’ve always been like this. When I tried to save something, I ended up getting despised for some dumbfounded reasons. A firm determination coupled with a cowardly end. My life has been repeating like this…So, I ended up being such a coward.

I tried to prevent myself from getting people’s attention, but I still continued to bang my head onto the table.

Aguri-san then chuckled quietly and smoothed things over.