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Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and share it around. Till the weekend!

Translated by: Sads07

“Burp... what a meal!”

Not good, I ate every dish one after another as they came out.

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I couldn’t hold back, I was in a trance and greedily devoured it all.

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I’ve licked even the juice that was left on the plate.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m glad ya ate plenty. Now, have some tea and relax.”

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Saying that, Mr. Aka, full and calm, and even a warm tea.... No, I’m not afraid of ogres anymore.

No, the horns were growing on me.

Well, his face is scary, but he’s so kind.

No, the war is over now.

“Thank you... really...... you saved me, Aka.”

“Huh. If ya say it like that, thank ya.”

No, that logic is strange! I wanted to put out that retort a hundred times over, but Mr. Aka seemed really happy, so instead I laughed and nodded.

“It’s a good dish, Mr. Aka.”

“Is that so? Oh, I’ve been cooking for over ten years, so I’m good at it. But this was the first time I had someone ta feed, so I was a little nervous.”

While having a sip of tea, I asked a little about Aka’s statement.