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“So, Elder Sis Tsukshi. Mr. Machio... I can beat him, right?”

Far from worrying about it now, things were not the same as before.

Elder Sis Tsukshi seemed surprised at my confidence.

“Eh!? ...... Good...... Morning”

I gave her a light greeting as she glanced at me while trying not to drop her gaze.

Sadiz bowed her head, bewildered as her shoulders were shaking.

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It’s clear that she still didn’t understand what I meant by “settle it” yet.

But that’s fine now.

So there’s no need to force things to turn sour now.

Simply, just that.

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Even if we can’t interact like we used to, there’s no need to put up a wall.

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“Big brother! She is still sleeping in bed, but play with Amae when she wakes up.”

“Will do.”

I was frustrated and impatient, but I was able to do one thing I couldn’t before, and I went through hell.

That fact may have given me some leeway in my heart.

And then......