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“Since I’ve introduced the aura value setting, I can’t use the original method to fight the Boss. It would be too unreasonable if the Boss’ aura value were full and its stamina was full but was slowly ground to death by players.”

“Therefore, we should set it as: When the Boss’ aura value and stamina are in a good state, the Boss would not lose much health even if it was hit by the Boss.”

“When the Boss is at its peak state, players’ attacks would be more likely to be parried by the Boss. We will use the artificial intelligence system to make a randomization so that the players’ combat experience would be slightly different every time for the amount of health and aura value would be lost if it was a perfect parry, ordinary parry, or mistake.”

Hu Xianbin: “Er...”

He was speechless.

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He was actually asking if the difficulty should be lowered when he asked if the difficulty should be adjusted.

That was because the current combat system was obviously more complicated and more challenging than the previous combat system. If it was still the same difficulty as before, it would probably be even harder to clear.

Yet, Boss Pei had increased the difficulty!

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According to Boss Pei’s design, players had completely lost the option of slowly grinding the Boss to death. They could only fight it out with their hits. If they won, they could quickly kill the Boss. If they lost, they would be killed by the Boss.

That would save him a lot of trouble. He would not drag every battle into a bladder game, but most players would probably be killed by the Boss...

What would the outcome be if he changed this way?

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Once the downloadable content was released, it would probably cause a huge commotion. Old players would probably be tortured to tears.

That was because these old gamers were already very used to Repent and be Saved’s main combat mode. Whenever they encountered a boss, they would observe its movements and fight steadily. As long as they were not greedy and tried a few more times, they would be able to pass it steadily.

They would find that the more they observed the Boss, the more they would need to fight when they entered Eternal Reincarnation. Their own aura value would become more and more chaotic, and the Boss’ aura value would become smoother...

They would be killed by the boss as they fought.

He knew that the gamers of Repent and be Saved loved to suffer but it was too miserable. He did not know if they could take it.

Li Yada, who had been silent the entire time, suddenly spoke. “Then... Boss Pei, should we arrange for a weapon similar to ‘Pudu’ in the game?”

“The tradition of pity cannot be lost.”