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What news can be made online

That’s because I’m here for the exact same reason.

Keita misunderstood that I’m shocked by the dumb reason. So, he continued in a self-mocking tone. “Eh, it’s disgusting, right?”

“I gave up the bus just to acquire a multiplayer battle boss from my memory. I’m really helpless…Do you want to know the even more helpless part? To all of that, I think Mono…”

My heart skipped a bit because someone suddenly called my username. However, I immediately realized Keita’s not talking about me. Yes, the Mono that he’s talking about is…

“…I think Konoha-san doesn’t remember anymore. I should say that she’s not even interested.”

Keita mumbled depressingly, and I can feel a tinge of pain in my chest. N-No. It’s not like that, Keita. I…I remembered all of them in my heart…!

However, Keita knew nothing about that. He’s even staring at his phone while continuing sadly.

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“To me, …that’s a very memorable boss. At that time, I knew nothing about efficiency. I’m still taking my baby steps then. Mono and I tried our best to defeat the Star Dragon Novajak…Although we didn’t even message each other, that’s why I felt that our souls are connected.”


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I fell speechless.

…Me too. Me too. Me too!

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Even though I’m practically screaming inside my heart, …he’s still feeling a bit lonely next to me.

“However, I guess this is only a ‘one-sided’ imagination. I realized that when I saw Konoha-san’s reactions today. To be honest, I’m pretty embarrassed.”