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“But… Then… How do I vent frustrations…? Do I have to keep moving forward all alone? Bottling up everything deep inside?”

“Not at all. When you’re feeling troubled, you can rely on your classmates. Horikita, Kushida, Sudō and Ike, Mii-chan and Shinohara, it doesn’t matter who. You can vent your frustrations to whoever it is that you rely on. We’re all in this together.”

There’s no such thing as a rule stating that leaders aren’t allowed to show weakness.

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The people who stand behind them can always be there to lend a hand in case they’re about to fall.

Our classmates should be more than willing to listen to Hirata vent his frustrations.

“I… I… I wonder… if it’s okay for someone like me to lead everyone…?”

“It’s alright. As you are now, it’s okay for you to take the lead.”

I placed my hand on his shoulder.

With this small gesture, even more tears began to pour.

To bury the past.

To get rid of the huge, cumbersome burden that Hirata had been carrying once and for all.

He, who had been stuck and unable to move, could once again stand up on his own two feet.