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“I don’t know that… But, I don’t want to suspect a classmate.”

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The guys as well were thinking of the culprit feeling bad about being suspected by the girls all the time.

“Hey… Maybe —— Is it Ibuki?”

One person murmured while secretly looking at Ibuki who sat at the end of the campbase.

In that moment, a spearhead of doubt turned toward Ibuki as if a group set an eye on one prey.

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“Ibuki-chan from C class, right. It wouldn’t be ridiculous if she pretends to be D class’ hindrance… Using tricks to make us look suspicious.”

“Stop with the nonsense, guys. You are without a doubt the most suspicious.”

Shinohara is very suspicious of the boys. She was keeping her distance from the boys, gesturing with her hand for them to back off.

“Until we figured out who’s the culprit, we surely can’t trust guys. Right, Karuizawa-san.”

“Right. The culprit is surely someone from the guys.”

Because of this incident, it had been decided to continue with our activities with the guys and girls being separated individually in the end.

I will repeat myself over and over again, but a guy named Yousuke Hirata was a cool guy. Not because of his outstanding looks, but because of his ideals of how actions ought to be. An ordinary human being takes the initiative to be responsible for troublesome, unpleasant matters while responding uppermost to the others. Cooperating with the girls, he was setting up 2 tents to keep them at a distance from the boys.

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I, who was on the other side, had a fixed role of hammering pegs of carrying tents to the ground. At the beginning I immediately struggled to be completely omitted, but as soon as I got the hang of it, I had a fixed position in the first tent. It was unexpectedly easy. Right now I was nailing the peg of the second tent with a hammer while wiping my sweat. Our link Hirata assisted me with spreading the rope and hammering the peg.

“Sorry for giving you a hard time.”

The other boys were playing outside or trying to store some food with fishing.

“Oh – no, you don’t have to apologize. It would be bad leaving it to you.”

“It’s not bad. I’m doing it as much as I like.”