Do you send VLOG on the Internet?

Do you send VLOG on the Internet?

The reward that Pei Qian got this time allowed him to spend a sum of money on charity. This was incredibly useful.

What’s more, after the System was upgraded, these types of rewards would become commonplace. He could obtain one after each settlement.

At the same time, the System had loosened its requirements for settlement. Pei Qian could now stretch the research and development phase of a single product over two cycles.

This did not sound like much, but it was in fact very useful!

The current settlement cycle would last from four to five months. If having one unannounced product would not affect the settlement, Pei Qian could continue to burn money on that product in order to incur losses as long as he could release it before the end of the next cycle.

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During the next cycle, he could then turn his attention to the next product.

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One could say that it would be much easier to incur losses!

Pei Qian considered this for several minutes and came to a decision. “Upgrade.

“You introduced the regulations to me, but I don’t think you gave me the right to choose…”

Pei Qian was speechless. On the surface, it looked like he could choose whether to upgrade the System or not.

However, if he chose not to upgrade it, the System would not start the next cycle. That meant Pei Qian would not be able to use his ‘charitable events’ reward.

Pei Qian would also not get another chance to earn a large sum from the System.

Of course, Pei Qian could also invest the 1.8 million yuan in order to earn more money. However… Pei Qian had no intention to do so.

Within the previous cycle, which lasted four months, Pei Qian managed to earn over 1.4 million yuan from the System. It had not been easy for him to discover the right way to benefit from it. Could he seriously think about tossing the System aside and working hard to earn money now?

That would be torturing himself!

What’s more, as the saying went, rich second-generation heirs could spend freely on food, drinks, and merriment because they would not be able to squander away their family fortune by doing so. What would be more terrifying was the thought of investing their fortune and losing it all.

It had not been easy for Pei Qian to obtain this much money. If he really started a business and ended up failing, wouldn’t he be better off dead?

Thus, it would be more worth it to continue benefiting from the System!

After the upgrade was completed, Pei Qian looked at the system screen once more.