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“I-I’m sorry, Mii. Yeah, we should think about you first…”

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“It’s okay. Carbonic acid tastes nice, so please don’t worry about me.”

Mii’s slowly sipping the soda on Amano’s lap. Amano felt a bit upset. …Perhaps it’s due to his natural cowardness. He’s really weak towards a retort that sounds reasonable. You’re incredible for being able to use that, Kousei Amano.

In reality, all of us agreed to solve this lost child’s issue as fast as possible.

Mizumi continued explaining to Amano frustratedly.

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“Anyway, we already did everything we should do.”

“Really? For example, did you ask the staff around here?”

“Yep, of course. However, Mii didn’t lose her way around here precisely. It’s because she got lost around this arcade. So, I don’t think we can ask the people here to take care of her…”

“I see. Well, …ah, did Mii bring her parents’ contacts?”

“Yep, she does. There’s a card with ‘name, address, and telephone number’ written on it. However, about that…”

“Look, it’s this one.”

Mii searched in her tiny bag. Then, she handed the contact sheet we saw before to Amano.

Amano took and checked it. …Indeed, there’s the name Mii Fushiguro on it along with the address and the phone number. However…


Amano looked at the Honshu address and tilted his head. Mii nodded.

“Yes. I came from…Tokyo.”

“Y-You came from?”

“Yes. It’s because my father was transferred here, so we moved to a new place. Right now, since the company’s dormitory isn’t open, only my mother and I are living in our cousin’s house.”

“…Uh, I have a bad feeling about this. Well, did you know how to contact your father’s company dormitory or your cousin…”