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“I was given two options: leave Tengda Corporation or give up on GOG.

“Yet, Boss Pei gave me the go-ahead to form a GOG team. That means there must be a third option...

“What’s special about the third option?“No matter what, DGE’s team would not be allowed to take part in GOG’s official competition!

“Wait... Would the team be useless just because it can’t participate in the official competition? “Hm... it would. Without competing, the team wouldn’t get fame or exposure. Naturally, it wouldn’t get sponsors or prizes either. What’s the point of forming a team, then? Wouldn’t we be burning money for the sake of our own entertainment?

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“D*mn it, I can’t figure it out!”

Zhang Yuan was so close to pulling his hair out. The problem that he was faced with this time was far more difficult than any other problem he had dealt with before. After struggling for a long time, he finally decided to give up. “Forget it. I’ll just follow Boss Pei’s instructions first. Maybe a solution will present itself when the time comes. “I was asked to do many illogical things before, but every time I stuck to Boss Pei’s instructions, the entire situation miraculously turned around in the end.

“Yes, I’ll trust Boss Pei!”

Zhang Yuan decided that, if he could not figure it out, he would not bother trying anymore. He would rent a villa, hire a few potential candidates from the charts, and make the necessary preparations for the club...

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All in all, he would follow Boss Pei’s instructions first and then try to understand his intentions slowly!

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[1] This is the nickname for LGD Gaming, which is a professional Chinese esports club.

April 19th, Tuesday...

At Otto Technologies...

In the conference room, Chang You was eagerly explaining Otto E1 cell phone’s outstanding results to the core members of Otto Technologies. Pei Qian was present as well, but he did not look very happy. For some reason, he felt like he was being kicked while he was down...

Ever since Otto’s cell phone was released and became popular, the brand had become peculiar and exotic. The words ‘peculiar’ and ‘exotic’ were neutral.

The cell phone had very obvious flaws. It was heavy, and it contained no independent technology. It was a product of supply-chain technologies and original equipment manufacturing. At best, one could say that it was balanced and typical in all aspects. There was no secret technology involved that was worth marveling about. Even the cell phone’s system was closer to the original Android System. Some people thought it was cleaner and purer, but others thought it was lacking and inconvenient. Still, the cell phone’s merits were outstanding enough that people could not forget them after witnessing them just once.

Its brand was very distinctive. The mystical logo on the back of the cell phone had appeared on Tomorrow is Beautiful before. One only had to whip the cell phone out for everyone to recognize that it was worth over eight thousand yuan.