How to use people to make money online

How to use people to make money online

Having that be pointed out to me, I returned my gaze to my own appearance.

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"Ahh, no, somehow it just ended up like this. Because the sensation of snow feels really good. Is that weird?".

While it had been snowing, I thought it was interesting and remained still, and it had piled up then.

From my head to my shoulders, to my arms and knees, I could see the remaining snow had begun to melt. I was thankful for his pointing it out but I did not make a move to brush it off. Either way, it'll melt and disappear soon enough.

If that's the case, it's not such a bad thing to try touching the snow like this.

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"You bastard, you sure like to screw around".

"Now that you've heard what I have to say, it should lead even further now to an alignment of interests".

"Obviously this is too good to be true, but there's also a dangerous scent lingering over this. If you deem it necessary, you will even casually throw away your allies. How can I team up with someone when we're both thinking about backstabbing each other?".

"If you've already thought of that, then there's no need for concern. If you're afraid of being outsmarted, then you simply have to outsmart even that. That's all there is to it, right, Ryuuen?".

I'm not asking for a cooperative relationship between two good friends or anything like that. I'm just aligning the interests of both parties. That would, in a sense, give rise to the strongest kind of relationship.

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"If so then, Ayanokouji. I'll be the one laying the groundwork in the end".

"Laying the groundwork?".

"It depends on the trend of the 3rd semester, but Class C, no, my class which has fallen down to Class D will most likely be led by Kaneda and Hiyori. They will ultimately be the ones to decide but about attacking Class A, and to not lay a hand on you guys who have risen to Class C, I'll persuade them that those are good plans".