Is it true that WeChat belt online is true?

Is it true that WeChat belt online is true?

Answered Hirata not due to impatience, but to prevent classmates’ backlash. Soon after we recruited volunteers, but as we thought no more than two guys have gathered. There aren’t many people who have stepped inside the woods like this one. It’s understandable.

“I wonder if someone among us is familiar with the survival.”

Hirata asked holding on a ray of hope. Like in a corny manga, in times like this there is only one person you can count on. He looked back checking his classmates, but no one showed an attitude of coming forward. Then, Hakase who was silent until now raised a hand all of a sudden.

“We yearn for the main character who was driven into survival skills by his father and trained to survive alone even in the jungle since childhood.“

Instantly Hakase, who was bashed, flustered apologized, but he was still hated by everyone.

“Erm, I will go if it’s okay.”

It was Kushida who volunteered to break a deadlock if no one wanted to participate. Seeing her appearance, the boys who bluntly refused [participating] had their eyes lighted up and started demonstrating their participation to volunteer. I guess there were students who were motivated by doing favor to Kushida as well as students who felt embarrassed that they let the girl take initiative.

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I’ve raised my hand a bit later, roughly at the same time as Hirata started to count the number of people.

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“Eleven. If one more participated, we could make four teams.”

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“Are you going too?”

“I’ll have to restrain. But it’s unusual to see you volunteer so assertively.”

“If you don’t have a role for some reason, you’ll be cut off from class.”

When … A reserved hand beside me was raised. When Hirata saw that hand, he named it in relief.