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“The empress team led by Karuizawa. Kushida’s team with her own close friends. Shinohara’s arrogant team. And then, Horikita and Sakura who are by themselves”

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All the boys were eating huddled relatively together but the girls were taking distance from each team. Obviously there seemed to be a wall or a gap there, just like they were groups of other classes. If there were any exceptions, then Kushida team would be considered neutral or more precisely it was far from having a lot of influence as a whole?

“Sakura is so pitiful. I should just eat with her, right?”

“Just stop that. You will probably scare her”

“Damn, I want to get closer but the fact that she’s too shy is a problem”

Other than Sakura’s flaw, she probably feels that it’s hard to come in touch with a pushy type like Yamauchi. Despite the warnings, Yamauchi seemed worried and he was too impatient to go to her.

“What is it, Haruki!! You’re sly, watching a beautiful woman all by yourself. Let me join you!”

Ike, who was looking at Yamauchi glancing around with a repeated strange movement, misunderstood and approached him.

“Honestly, anytime I see them, Sakura’s breasts are not that bad. They’re not the size of a 1st year student. Her shirt is bulging out. They’re too erotic. That’s even more attractive than Kikyou-chan”

Ike was looking at Sakura’s breasts devouringly and with sheer concentration. Yamauchi then blocked Ike’s field of vision.

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“Hey, what the fuck”

“Don’t look at Sakura as you please and with those pervert eyes. You have your eyes set on Kushida, right?”

“Yeah yeah, you’re absolutely right. But it’s okay. An idol is for everyone right? Haruki, you, ohhh, maybe you…towards Sakura….”

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“Well, IT’S NOT LIKE THAT. Look, let’s eat quickly!”