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”If the ones at the top are incompetent, then those under will deal with hardships. That’s only pitiful.“

Ryuuen only laughed, taking a plastic bottle of water that was next to the radio.

”How much did you use to enjoy this much of pleasure?“

”Hah. I wonder. I didn’t neatly calculated.“ Without hiding, Ryuuen answered.

”Jeez. It’s already getting warmer. Hey, Ishizaki. Bring ice-cold water.“ He said, throwing away about half of the remaining water in sand provokingly.

Ishizaki, who was playing volleyball in vicinity, rushed to get the water into the tent. A large number of what appeared to be card-boxes with food and water were carelessly piled up in the tent. Sakazaki looked into a cooler box next to the boxes.

”As you can see we’re only enjoying summer vacation. Basically, it’s impossible for us to become your enemies during the trial. Do you understand?“

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As if she’s having a headache, Horikita pressed her forehead in non-understandment, creating wrinkles between the eyebrows.

”It’s not about being enemies, but the matter we said before. I was foolish for being alerted and coming here.“

”Who’s foolish? Is it really me? Or is it you?“ Far from accepting insults, Ryuuen clapped back at Horikita likewise.

”Survival on this awfully hot inhabited island? Isn’t that a joke? In order to pick up 100 or 200 small class points you, the lowest D class, have to put up with hunger, heat and emptiness. You’re making me laugh by just imagining it.“

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Running over the sandy beach, Ishizaki came back with new water dripping with sweat, handing over to Ryuuen what looked like a cold pet bottle. However, the moment Ryuuen took the bottle he threw it at Ishizaki’s body.

”I said bring ice-cold water. This one is still warm.“



Ryuuen’s sharp pupils resembled those of a snake. Making his body stiffened, Ishizaki picked up the pet bottle and ran toward the tent again.

”… This trial is about endurance, calculation and cooperation. That seems impossible for you from the beginning. You can’t even set up a proper plan.“