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Online part-time typing and money formal platform

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It didn’t exactly go as planned, but the path I was on remained the same.

Even though the unfavourable situations piling up against me were a nuisance, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of curiosity welling up from deep within my heart.

There were only three days of vacation remaining on board the cruise ship.

The days were too intense and passed by extremely quickly.

Early in the morning, just as everyone was beginning to regret that their time on this cruise ship was coming to an end, the school sent out an email to all the students at once.

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“Today at 10am, we will hold a treasure hunt game? What’s this?”

We all saw the unfamiliar word ‘game’ in the email and reread it carefully at the same time.

“Treasure Hunt Game”

* A bonus game free for anyone to participate

* Conditions for participation: Minimum of one person of any gender and 10,000 private points are required.

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* Commencement date: Today, August 8th

* A more detailed explanation will be provided at the venue (must arrive at the 5th floor by 10am)