How to put good information online to make money

How to put good information online to make money

“Eh? Brother, you’re not leaving yet?”

My 9th-grade little brother, who’s going to school later than me, was dumbfounded when he saw that I’m still lingering around. I gave him a powerless smile. …After that, I dropped down an “I’ll be leaving” quietly before leaving the house.

To prevent me from being late, I got on a bus, which I usually wouldn’t. The normie group from the seats behind gave me uncomfortable glares. Even though I didn’t do anything, the girl next to me coughed on purpose. I tried my best to tolerate this for 10 minutes.

Finally, I arrived at the 2F classroom that I dreamed of for so long. I laid on the table exhaustedly.

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(Why staying on a bus for 10 minutes is even more exhausting than walking for 25 minutes…)

It’s not just mentally. I’m physically tired as well for some reason. Usually, I would try to play mobile games as much as I can before lessons start, but I guess I won’t do that today. Staring at the classroom dazedly, I accidentally made eye-contact with the refreshing and handsome normie, Uehara-kun. I hastily turned my face towards the window.

-The window is reflecting a lonely passerby with dark circles around his eyes.

I’m Keita Amano, 16 years old, 9th grade. My blood type is A, and my zodiac is cancer. There are four people in my house. Then, …I got stuck on the personal description part. After all, there’s basically nothing for me to talk about.

I was never selected as a hero. I don’t have a tsundere childhood friend or sister-in-law, and I don’t have outstanding wit or superpower. …Ah, no, perhaps I’m an “imaginary killer” in disguise. …However, I never got the chance to verify this ability.

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(…Ah, ah, can someone suddenly drag me into a superpower battle. …Of course, my safety should be guaranteed. At the same time, I need to have incredible powers as well.)

Honestly, I’m a piece of trash with Eighth-grade syndrome that’s always daydreaming even though he’s dead-tired.

I, Keita Amano, is a 10th-grade student. Like many others, there’s something that has been seriously bothering me, yet, in reality, this source of frustration can just be found about anywhere.

(…A famous game that sells by promoting multiplayer with your friends MUST BE ELIMINATED-)

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